Do you have a Facebook account? Congratulation! Then you belong to a community of more than 500 millions people. Within a period of  7 years Facebook has become a part of our daily life. Now our day begins with checking likes and comments on Facebook. So it would be quite fair devoting a few minutes to it. Today we will watch how to view your Facebook Chat History.

Chatting on Facebook is a favorite time pass for many people but as far as I know it doesn’t provide any default option to save the chat history so that you can view your conversations later. So we need to do a bit of efforts to get it done. So first of all download a Firefox add-on called Facebook Chat History Manager from here. This will do the trick for us. So install it and restart the Firefox to begin the action.

Now log-in to your Facebook account and this add-on will ask you to make an account first. So do as it says and once you created an account locked with a password you can view your history by clicking Tools->Facebook Chat History Manager->View History. You can view your history even without logging-in to your Facebook account. So next time you won’t miss the sweet lines of your girlfriend she said last night as you have it saved for viewing it later. Ah! Awesome feeling-Reading the same line hundreds of times. So you read that line once more and I should leave now.