Operating System is just like a soul of a Computer controlling and commanding all the aspects of it. So far you may have used all the heavy-weights like Windows Linux and Mac. All these names are quite familiar to you. So would you like to give a try to another operating system. I am sure that your answer will be YES once you come to know that this operating system is developed under the brand name of Google.

Developing an Operating System is not an easy task and it takes many years and releases before you can build a smart OS. So when Google declared that it would develop its own Operating System it raised the question about its success. But success and failure of a product can be best decided by its users. So it’s your time to now to decide whether this buzz is worthy of claps or not.

Chromium OS By Google So first of all you need to download this Operating System and for this you can visit this site. This operating system is mainly developed for Web Users. On this site you will find all the details regarding this Operating System. Once you download it you can make a bootable USB drive to install it on your laptop. Instructions to make bootable USB are also given here. So all you need is to follow these instructions and install the OS.

Several vendors are planning to launch their Chrome based notebooks called Chromebook or Chromepad. So before they hit the market you can have a test drive here and decide its significance and usability.