Hi guys! It’s almost two months I haven’t written even a single post on my blog. Actually I was busy with my Summer Training and Certification Exam in the city of Jaipur. In this summer I have passed the RHCE exam and now I am a Red Hat Certified Engineer. This is not just a personal achievement but it will add value to this blog too as now I’ll write posts on Linux too and here is the beginning right now.

Linux is a big name when it comes to Servers. I have read once that it owns 90% market in Super Computers but in the desktop market it has a share of 2%. As far as I  am considered I think lack of Application Software for Linux platform is the main reason for this. But here comes the chicken-egg problem. Linux is less popular because it has fewer Apps and it has fewer Apps because it is less popular. That’s why Windows dominates Linux in desktop market.

So far we are using some popular applications like Wine and Crossover Office to use Windows Applications on Linux Platform. But there is another approach to do the same task and this is Patching the Kernel to make it binary compatible. This ongoing project is known as Longene and you can have detailed information about this from its site www.longene.org. This approach increases the efficiency of the operations as the core system calls are used and supported by this way.

So guys you can check the site for details regarding its development and installation and give it a try. You can run complex applications like Photoshop and Microsoft Office through this. So right now use all these ways to run Windows applications on Linux platform and hope that Software vendors take interest in developing Applications for Linux because that’s the only way to compete with Windows in the PC market.