Whenever it comes to download something we find torrents as an ultimate solution. Whether it is Softwares Movies TV shows or anything else torrents are like panacea. Since April 2001 when bit torrent came into existence it contributes 25 to 50% share in global internet traffic. Well this is just a fact to show the importance of torrents but our topic of discussion for this evening is a bit different.

Sometimes we download a torrent and after a while it’s updated. For example suppose we have downloaded a popular TV show and after few days fresh episodes of that show are released on torrent site. So do we need to search for them or we can get automatic updates regarding the new releases ? And the answer is yes,you can.

Universal Torrent CheckerUniversal Torrent Checker by elphsoft is one such application which let you get your torrents easily. You can get it from here. As its name implies it works with all torrent trackers. Its easy to use interface makes it a task of few seconds to add or check torrents. So in case you are searching for such an application I think that here your search comes to an end and it’s time to give it a try.