Well friends one thing all of you will admit that technology has greatly affected our lifestyle and today that’s our topic of discussion. I don’t think that I need to say something about the word E-commerce but we’ll look at the other side of it. Just like the traditional shopping there are several disputes between the buyer and seller and that’s quite normal. But what makes an online dispute different from a traditional one is the way to deal with it. Consider a situation when the dealer is in USA and you buy something here in India and find some fault in it. Then what’s next ? Are you going to America to file a case against him? Certainly not.

Recently I found a solution of it after reading a story in CHIP magazine and it forced me to share it via this blog. odrindia.com is a nice effort towards this problem and here you can file a case if you are unsatisfied with an online deal. They try to solve your problem through mediation,arbitration or negotiation. Many reputed third parties are also involved in finding out an optimal solution of your problem.

Settle Your Online Disputes The most thrilling part about all this is that this is an Indian venture which shows an encouraging sign as we seem very reluctant to take such an initiative towards solving a problem but in this case this assumption is totally wrong and it’s soothing. So guys I won’t like if any of you need their services ever but still it’s a must look venture.