Security is always a sensitive issue and when mingled with another sensitive term Web it becomes more vital. Today new ways to breach security are being discovered daily. For Web Masters this scenario is not very appealing as they have to put more and more efforts to continue their online operations smoothly. But luckily there are some easy ways to accomplish this tedious task and here one of them will be discussed with you.

Website is an online service provider for Website Security. They prevents any kind of hacking activity and malware presence on your site. Here you can also run a trial scan for your website but the sad part about this is that they don’t support blogs and free web hosting sites. That’s why I was unable to run a scan on my blog. But still for hosted sites they are good enough. They have also released Security Plug-in for WordPress.

So if you have a Website and wants to keep malicious people away from it you may give this service a try.

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