YUM(Yellow Dog Update Manager) is a popular way to install packages in Red Hat Linux.This provides a convenient way to install packages without having them on your own system. Here we have our software repository on our server and rest of the machines use this repository to install packages. But for these they need to become a client of yum and now we’ll discuss how to become a client of yum.Here we’ll use the example of local machine. So let’s start-

  • Copy the Server folder from your installation DVD to a directory for example /root on your Linux system
  • Now go to /etc/yum.repos.d directory and create a .repo file like viny.repo
  • Now write down following lines in this file

Notice that name in the brackets must be same as your .repo file name which is viny in this example.
If you have your software packages in Server directory of your server machine having ip and shared it using NFS(Network File System)then use
gpgcheck =0

  • Now save that file and quit. Congrats! You have successfully become a yum client. Now test it using

yum install gcc
If this tool is installed successfully then you are ready to use yum on your machine.

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