In our day-to-day life we need a lot of softwares and tools for completing various tasks.In this article we’ll discuss an awesome feature of Linux which is of a great use under some circumstances.The feature is known as Re-Packaging Softwares.
The popular format for installable softwares in Red Hat Linux is rpm which is known as Red Hat Package Manager.Here we’ll discuss how to get rpm file back from an installed rpm software.For this I assume that your machine is a client of yum or you can have a .rpm file. Now we’ll install it.So issue following commands-
yum install zsh-html
rpm-ivh zsh-html.rpm
Now this tool is installed in our system.Now we’ll uninstall it and repackage it so that in future if we need it we can install it back easily.So issue following command-

rpm -e zsh-html.rpm –repackage
This command will uninstall the package and repackage into a rpm file.Now check /var/spool/repackage and you’ll see zsh-html.rpm. Now you can use this file to install that package back in case you need to do so in future. Easy yet useful.

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