We all are familiar with these two terms-Backup And Restore. Normally we use them in securing our data from accidental loss. But today we will see a totally different frame of these terms. So what we are going to backup and restore– It is Windows Activation.

Every time we install a fresh OS on our system we may need to register it first before we can use it without any restriction. I have seen this with Vista where it forced me to register otherwise it worked for a 30 days trial period. So now when you re-install it you need to do the same registration procedure again. Also consider the situation when you buy a new Laptop and they gave you OS pre-installed. Now you want to re-install it later, you don’t have any DVD and key. In all these situations we can use this method.

As I use Windows7 so I’ll demonstrate this on Windows7. But you can find similar tools for other versions too. Here we’ll use Advanced Toke Manager which you can obtain from here. It’s a portable application so you don’t even need to install it. Just start the application.

Backup and Restore Windows Activation  Now make a backup by just clicking on Backup button and you’ll see the information similar to this screen-shot. Here you can see that this founds the key of your Windows installation. It takes around 1 minute to make a backup. Now run the same software on another machine where you have just installed a fresh OS and press Restore button and within a few seconds Windows will be activated on that system.

Simple but Cool.