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Automated Tasks In Windows

A very cool evening guys and in this cool evening I have some hot stuff ready for you. Here we will discuss about automating tasks under Windows environment. These tasks can be a simple one like launching Calculator program or a complex one like downloading e-mails from FTP. But the major advantage is that you can configure these jobs with a few clicks.

So download this cool automation tool from this download link. This is a 30 days trial version. But I think this is enough to evaluate this application. So we’ll install it. Now the major part of our task is completed. Now all that is left is a few clicks.

Windows AutomationHere you see some pre-configured tasks. Now select Run Calculator and click on Run Job button and calculator will be opened. You can create your job my selecting New Job. It has the facility to record jobs on the basis of your mouse movement and keystrokes. You can also create an exe file of your jobs. So explore this application and create your own jobs and have fun.



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Well friends there are two IT related words which quite excites me –  Cloud Computing and Virtualization. In this post we will put our Operating System in our web browser and it represents Cloud Computing and Virtualization both. You can have your data stored on Cloud and a Visual Desktop Interface wherever you go.

So guys just visit which offers plug-in and extensions for all the major browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox. I use Firefox so I installed their Firefox extension. You also need to register at this site. So perform these two tasks before we kick-start our journey.

Once installation procedure is complete you’ll see a toolbar which assist you in performing different operations. So just log in to your account and get the initial screen.

Web Operating SystemIt also allows you to store data up to 30 GB free of cost. The other exciting features are Email management, Meeting and importing contacts from your primary email address. So it’s a cool way if you want to feel Cloud Computing at your fingertips. So go ahead and take a look.


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Secure Your Email ID

Hi friends! In today’s post we will discuss about email tampering as it’s a major playground for the hackers. So how you are going to know whether your email id is secured or not. That’s the question which I will answer in today’s discussion.

Recently I came to know a site called which helps us in verifying the security of our email address.

Verify your email address is secureThey use a number of databases which are released by hackers mentioning email addresses that have been tampered by them. All you need to write your email address in the input box and they perform a search operation on those databases. Here I checked my primary email address and it was secure. Now it’s your turn to check yours.