This time I am not with any heavy material. Instead we’ll pass this lazy afternoon doing some simple but cool stuff. Here we’ll change the background of any folder under Windows7. Basically it is done by creating a .ini file in the folder which contains the path of the image you want to apply to that folder as a background. Here we will do the task with the help of a tool and then without any tool. So let’s start-

First of all download this tool named Windows-7-Folder-Background-Changer from Softpedia. You don’t need to install it. Just run it.

Change Windows7 Folder Background Now all you need to do is to select the folder you want to apply a background to and the image you want to apply as a background. And it’s done.

To do the same thing without any tool open the folder and create a text file there. Now write-


Here we have given the path to the image. Save it is desktop.ini. Now refresh the screen and you’ll see that your background has been changed.

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