Hey guys!  Doesn’t matter what you are doing or how busy you are just give me 5 minutes and believe me I’ll make these minutes rocking. On a cool breezy evening we’ll make our Laptop dance on the beats of your clap. Got the point? No! Be cool as I am going to explain how you can do this.

Here we will make our Laptop perform certain action while you clap. You can shutdown or restart your system or even launch a program by just clapping. Well enough talks it’s show time. So get this cool app from this download link. Now just install it. Once you install it then start the app to take the thrill to its peak.
Sound Based Windows Automation

This is the first screen you’ll see on starting this app. Now select an action you want to perform. Here I have selected Go Into Standby as you can see in the screen-shot. The best part of all this is still remaining . To perform it select Sound Activation Console.

Sound Based Windows Automation

Now Set the Sound Level to 15-20 as this suits the sound of clap very well. Now just clap. Voila! My system is going to Stand By mode. Its amazing. so try this and feel the joy yourself.

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