A very good after noon to all of you. Today I solved a major problem in my Linux machine and that  is: Not displaying web pages in Hindi.  I love to read news on the internet but I was unable to read my favorite news portal just because its contents are in Hindi. I struggled a lot with this problem but finally I solved it and got a new topic for my blog. So friends let’s install Hindi and other languages’ fonts in Red Hat distribution.

First of all download Lohit fonts from the Fedora Project Site. This font pack supports 16 regional languages including Hindi, Bengali,Kannada, Marathi,Punjabi,Tamil,Telugu and many more. Now once you download it, follow these steps-

  • Extract the files.
  • Now you will see a folder named hindi. Open it and you’ll find a TTF file. This is a True Type Font file. There are 15 other folders for other languages and they also have a TTF file.
  • Copy this font file to /usr/share/fonts/TTF. Here I have created TTF directory inside /usr/share/fonts and placed the font file here.
  • Now issue the following command-

fc-cache -f /usr/share/fonts/TTF

  • And it’s over. Now you are free to view web pages in Hindi or other languages.