IDM is a very handy tool for downloading big files like movies or softwares from internet. I was using DAP before using IDM. Both are good tools but now I am stick with IDM. But one feature that I thought was missing in IDM is to preview files while they are being downloaded. In DAP you can easily preview any file. We badly need this feature while downloading movies from torrent. Often we download a movie and find its print/sound quality very poor. And at last we find that we have wasted time and bandwidth.

But I was wrong. We can preview files in IDM too although the process is not as easy in DAP. We know that IDM and DAP both downloads files in parts. We’ll utilize this concept to solve this problem. So guys follow these steps-

  • Find the temporary directory used by IDM. You can get it by clicking Download Menu and select Options. Now click on Save to tab. Here you’ll find location of temporary directory. For me it is C:\Users\Viny\AppData\Roaming\IDM\.
  • Now open this directory.  Now click on DwnlData directory and then another directory( In my case it is Viny). Here you’ll see a folder for the file which is being downloaded. Here my folder name is  Saheb-20Biwi-20Aur-20Gangster-_479. So the complete URL for mine is C:/Users/Viny/AppData/Roaming/IDM/DwnlData/Viny/Saheb-20Biwi-20Aur-20Gangster-_479.
  • Open this folder and you’ll find downloaded parts.

Preview A File While Downloading With Internet Download Manager

  • Here you can see that this folder contains several parts. Now Open one of them in the appropriate application (for video files use vlc player like I did). And it’s all. You can easily decide whether to continue downloading file or drop it due to poor quality.
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