A very cool evening guys and in this cool evening I have some hot stuff ready for you. Here we will discuss about automating tasks under Windows environment. These tasks can be a simple one like launching Calculator program or a complex one like downloading e-mails from FTP. But the major advantage is that you can configure these jobs with a few clicks.

So download this cool automation tool from this download link. This is a 30 days trial version. But I think this is enough to evaluate this application. So we’ll install it. Now the major part of our task is completed. Now all that is left is a few clicks.

Windows AutomationHere you see some pre-configured tasks. Now select Run Calculator and click on Run Job button and calculator will be opened. You can create your job my selecting New Job. It has the facility to record jobs on the basis of your mouse movement and keystrokes. You can also create an exe file of your jobs. So explore this application and create your own jobs and have fun.



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