Well friends there are two IT related words which quite excites me –  Cloud Computing and Virtualization. In this post we will put our Operating System in our web browser and it represents Cloud Computing and Virtualization both. You can have your data stored on Cloud and a Visual Desktop Interface wherever you go.

So guys just visit glidelife.com which offers plug-in and extensions for all the major browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox. I use Firefox so I installed their Firefox extension. You also need to register at this site. So perform these two tasks before we kick-start our journey.

Once installation procedure is complete you’ll see a toolbar which assist you in performing different operations. So just log in to your account and get the initial screen.

Web Operating SystemIt also allows you to store data up to 30 GB free of cost. The other exciting features are Email management, Meeting and importing contacts from your primary email address. So it’s a cool way if you want to feel Cloud Computing at your fingertips. So go ahead and take a look.


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