Hi guys. I am a bit busy with Open Source Technologies like Joomla WordPress and phpBB. Recently I created an Image gallery and integrated it with Joomla. The tool I used is Gallery2 which you can download from here. Initially I downloaded Gallery3 which is its latest version but it created a bit of problem. So I decided to downgrade to Gallery2.3.1 and it worked quite well.

  • Download it and decompress it.
  •  Place uncompressed files in the htdocs folder of XAMPP installation. I am using XAMPP because it installs everything we need to run Joomla and WordPress including PHP MySQL FileZilla phpMyAdmin and a lot more with a single installation.
  • Now start XAMPP.
  • Open your browser and enter the URL like for me it is http://localhost/gallery2. Your web installer will start.
  • Follow the installing process. It’s quite easy and you don’t need any tutorial to install Gallery.
  • Once you get it installed open the same URL in the browser-http://localhost/gallery2.
  • Now start adding photos and albums and you have a nice image gallery ready for you.

Below is a screenshot of my image gallery which I have created using Gallery.

Create An Image Gallery With Gallery2

These are some pics with my friends which I have used to create my gallery and let’s what you choose to create your own gallery.