Wine is a great tool for Linux users who want to install and run Windows applications under Linux. Tonight I decided to test Wine and therefore searched about downloading and installing Wine on my Red Hat Enterprise Linux. So its time for you to get ready for an eventful journey towards Wine.

The installation process is quite easy. Wine package is included in RHEL so all you need is to issue the following command:

  • yum install wine

Now just be patient till it get installed. Once you have it installed get an exe file to test Wine. So I downloaded Firefox8 and give it a try with Wine. Now open your terminal. Don’t try to run it from CLI mode. To run an exe issue the following command:

  • wine yourfilepath.exe( for example I issued wine /root/Desktop/Firefox\ Setup\ 8.0.exe

And what I see is that the installation process has begun. Wow! I am running exe files in Linux.

Running Windows Applications In Linux using Wine