A very good morning to all of you. Today we’ll explore VMware in-depth. I am running my RHEL5  OS in VMware and Windows7 as my primary operating system.  But I was quite annoyed with the small screen provided by VMware for my guest OS . It doesn’t feel good to work on such a small screen. So I tried to get the full screen for my OS and that’s exactly I am going to tell you right now.

VMware provides a nice utility called VMware-Tools which adds a lot of functionality like you can perform copy-paste action between you Primary and Guest OS. OK so now we’ll install it.

  • Boot your Linux guest OS in VMware.
  • Now when the GUI  screen is up click on VM-Install VMware Tools. Now you’ll see a DVD icon on your desktop with name VMware Tools.
  • Switch to CLI mode. I read that installing VMware-Tools from GUI mode doesn’t work. So why take a chance just switch to CLI mode.
  • Type cd /media/V and press tab key to list all the contents. Now switch to appropriate directory. For me it is cd /media/VMware\ Tools/ . Use tab key for ease and avoiding typing errors.
  • Now issue ls command and you will see a rpm file for VMware tools. Just install it.
  • Switch back to GUI mode and open the terminal.
  • Now issue vmware-config-tools.pl command on terminal. You can always use tab key to complete the command and avoid typing mistakes.
  • Let this script run and it will ask you to set the resolution. Set it to 1024×768.
  • Now restart the GDM using /usr/sbin/gdm-restart command.
  • And Now……. Click on View-Fullscreen on VMware menu and enjoy……Full Screen Guest OS In VMware.