C is the mother of all the programming languages and every person who is in the field of programming and Computers must have written code in C. I worked on Turbo C on Windows XP during my early days as a Computer Science student. But on newer version of Windows like Vista and 7 which doesn’t have native MS-DOS support running Turbo C is a bit tricky and many of you have tried this using a utility called DOS-BOX.

So here is the trick to run our favorite Turbo C in Windows7 without any external utility. Just download Turbo C++ installer from this download link. Now just install it and after installation a shortcut will be placed on your desktop. Just right-click on the shortcut and select Properties. Now under Run select Maximized and it’s done. Now launch and use Turbo C in WIndows7 in full screen.

Turbo C and C++ for Windows7