Linux is a big big name in the field of Servers and Kernel is the core part of Linux and that’s why an updated kernel is preferred by all the System Administrators. But updating kernel is a daunting task and every time you update it you need to reboot the System. While this is not a big issue in home environment but rebooting the system in real world scenario is not a fun because your service goes down at that time. So what you need is a Kernel update without rebooting.

Here is a fine solution for this problem known as Ksplice Uptrack. You can download it free for your Fedora and Ubuntu Servers. It coverts updates from your vendors into a reboot-less updates. In case of any problem you van even rollback your changes.

Update yuor linux kernel withou rebootingRecently it was taken over by the Computer giant Oracle. So you can visit their site and get a look at them.