Welcome back buddies. Today I am with 2 cool tips regarding Linux. So without wasting time let’s discuss them-

                                     Kill All Processes Of A Specific User

You can simply kill a process by issuing kill -9 pid_of_the_process command but what to do if you want to kill all the processes of a specific user. To do so you will have to use advanced form of kill known as killall as killall -u usrname. Now try to kill all the processes running under root by issuing killall -u root and see what happens.

                                    Setting Disk IO Priority For A Process

For this you can use ionice command as- ionice -c3 -p pid_of_the_process.

You can use following values with c-

1-Realtime: Gives the process top most priority on Disk I/O operations regardless of other running processes.

2-Best Effort: That’s the by-default setting.

3-Idle:Here process get disk time only when there is no other disk operation need to be performed.

You can view the Disk I/O priority of a process by issuing  ionice -p pid_of_the_process command.