Samba is a popular way to access files distributed over a network. The main advantage of Samba is that we can use two machines with different Operating Systems to share data. So we can easily connect a Windows machine and a Linux machine to share information over a network. Here we will discuss how we can configure Samba with ease through Web interface.
Samba Web Admin Tool(SWAT) is a web-based interface used for configuring Samba. Now let’s see how to enable it on a RHEL machine. Following are the steps to perform this operation-

  • Install samba by using yum install samba* command.
  • Now to access the Web interface we need to install httpd. So issue yum install httpd command.
  • Now start the respective services—-service smb start and service httpd start
  • Now we will have to enable SWAT. so open /etc/xinet.d/swat and you will see a line disable=yes make it disable=no
  • Restart xinetd daemon using service xinetd restart command.
  • Now you are ready to access the Web-based interface of SWAT. So open your web browser and point to http://localhost:901
  • Now you’ll be asked for authentication so enter root passsword and it’s doneUsing Samba Web Admin Tool-SWAT.