Well guys a very happy Christmas to all of you and now get prepared for two awesome Linux tricks-

                           Locking Screen

Suppose you are in the middle of your work and you need to leave for a while. So you would like to lock your screen. Following are the steps to so-

  • Install vlock using yum install vlock command.
  • Now to lock the screen just issue vlock command. To unlock it just enter your password.

                            Save Sessions And Resume Them On Another Terminal

Suppose you are working on a terminal and want to save it and resume it from another terminal you can use screen command. Following are the steps to do so

  • Install screen using yum install screen.
  • Now to save a session just issue screen -S id. Here id is the name you want to give this session. Like screen -S viny. This name will be used to restore session.
  • To restore your session just switch to another terminal(using ctrl+alt+F3) and issue screen -d -R id. Here id is the name you have used previously to save the session.
  • To exit the screen simply press ctrl+d.