A very good morning to all of you. This is the first post of this new year and it’s about Tux.Tux is a static-content web server designed to be run very fast from within the Linux kernel. It runs in kernel space making response time much faster.At the same time it can coordinate with a user-space web browser like Apache to provide dynamic content. Anything that Tux can’t handle will be pass to the user space web server. You can install it using the following command.
yum install tux
Now start the Web Browser using service tux start command. It’s configuration file is /proc/sys/net/tux where you can set various parameters. Two important parameters are serverport which is the port used by tux. If you are using Tux as your primary server then set it to 80. Next is clientport which is the port used by user-space server. Set it to 8080 and if you are using Apache as your secondary Web Server then in httpd.conf set the port to 8080 instead of 80.

You can also run Tux as a FTP server. Just set serverport to 21,application_protocol to 1 and nonagle to 0 and then restart tux. So guys that was all about Tux and have a lot of fun.