Hello everyone. This time the post is almost same as the last one was but the area is a bit different. Last one was regarding creating Flash games easily and this one is about creating simple interactive animation quite easily.Last time we didn’t code but used a simple block drag and drop concept. This concept will be used in this case too. So get ready guys.

First of all download this cool tool called Scratch from http://scratch.mit.edu/. This is a nice tool and once you install it properly let’s start it and have a look at that. The interface is basically divided in three parts. The left most part contains block to be used to create your animation. The middle part is like a workspace where you drop blocks of codes which you drag from the left most part. And the last one is like a screen where you see all the activities being executed.

Scratch Interactive Tool To Create Simple Animation Easily

Once you drop the code block in the middle workspace just click on it or click the green button the rightmost top to see the action happening. So my dear buddies get this cool tool and start drag-drop and have fun.