When I was writing my previous post and inserted the CD and started the autorun script it provided me with a web page based interface to install softwares. If you haven’t read the previous post then you can have a look.I wanted the screenshot of this web page to use it in my article of taking the screenshot of an entire page which was quite larger than the screen so the normal print screen key won’t help in such a situation.Then I found a cool Firefox add-on called Fireshot and it eventually solved my problem and suddenly I thought that wow I have another topic to write an article about. So here we go.

Fireshot is an add-on for Firefox Google Chrome and Internet Explorer but as I am a user of Firefox I installed the Firefox version of it from its site http://screenshot-program.com/fireshot/ .Once you get it installed restart the Firefox and let the action begin.

Taking Entire Web Page Screenshot  After installing the add-on you’ll see a big and colored S on the rightmost position after the Search Area and Home button. Here you’ll get a drop down menu with a lot of options including taking the screenshot of entire webpage.Either use the menu or directly click the S icon and your screenshot will be taken and you’ll be presented with a screen to edit it. You can save upload export or tweet it. You can see that I have taken the screenshot of this entire page. So next time if you face a problem similar to mine then Fireshot is your ultimate solution.