Remember my post about creating Flash games with a great tool StencylWorks. If not then it’s not a problem as you can read it here. This very post is again related to it but this time we’ll install it on our Linux machine.

SO first of all download StencylWorks for Linux from the following download link. On the bottom of the page you’ll see a link for downloading the Linux version of this tool.Click on that link to download the tar file.

Now we’ve downloaded StencylWorks and it’s time to install it.But first of all make sure that you have java1.6 installed on your machine.You can check it by issuing java -version command. On my machine issuing this command displays 1.6.0.I use RHEL5.3 java 1.6 package are available with it.At the time I was writing this post yum was not configured on my machine due to a fresh installation.So I installed it manually by opening the Server folder in the DVD and installing all the java1.6 rpm packages one by one.But you can always use yum to install java1.6 on RHEL machine.
Installing StencylWorks On Linux

Once you have installed java1.6 machine the task is almost complete.Now to start StencylWorks all you need to do is to extract files from the tar package using tar command.Now switch to that directory using cd command and after that just issue bash StencylWorks command and it’s done.

Now you have successfully launched StencylWorks so just go through their crash course kit and start making Flash games on your Linux machine.