Today we will explore a nice and handy utility available in Linux and it’s talk command which we can use to chat with other users on the same machine or on the network.So get ready for a bit of fun-filled chit-chat.

First of all install two packages named talk and talk-server available on your Linux machine.You can use yum rpm or simple double-click method to get these packages installed.

Once it is installed open etc/xinetd.d/ntalk file in vim editor and set disable=no.After that issue service xinetd restart command to restart xinetd service.Now we are ready to use talk to chat with other users.

Now open two command prompts and log-in with two different users.I have two user accounts named root and viny and I logged in with these two usernames.Now I typed talk viny from the prompt where I logged in with root account and on the prompt I logged in with username viny I typed talk root and that’s all.Now these two users can chat easily

Using Talk command in linux to chat with other users If you wish to talk to a user on another host, then person is of the form user@host. To exit, just type the interrupt character (normally ^C).Sounds interesting ,doesn’t it?