So far you’ve seen quite a lot of tools to assist you in your daily tasks related to System and Server Administration. But this time the theme is changed a bit. Here we’ve come with a tool which is not for your help but for creating troubles for you.Ya you got it right guys-we are going to create some problems for you which you need to sort out.

Trouble-Maker is just a kind of tool which test your troubleshooting capabilities. You can get it from this download link.So far this is available for Red Hat,Fedora and SUSE distribution. So you can get it and install it on your system.The problems it create helps you in-

  • Dealing with partially accurate user reporting of problems
  • Troubleshooting boot problems
  • Troubleshooting service configuration problems
  • Troubleshooting (simulated) hardware problems

Test Your Troubleshooting Abilities With Trouble-Maker

So if you are a geek then you have got an opponent.So go get it.