A very good morning to all of you. Today we’ll install Webalizer Web Stats Analysis Tool on your Linux machine.Webalizer generates detailed and highly configurable reports which can be viewed on your browser. To have more details about Webalizer and download it you can visit its official site. With RHEL5 it’s already available.So let’s start the installation process.

To install Webalizer all you need to do is to issue yum install webalizer command. But if at this point you’ll try to open http://localhost/webalizer you’ll get an error regarding Page Not Found. So we’ll need to configure it a bit.Following are the steps to configure it properly-

  • Make a directory /var/www/html/webalizer using mkdir /var/www/html/webalizer command.
  • Copy contents of /var/www/usage/ directory to /var/www/html/webalizer by using cp /var/www/usage/* /var/www/html/webalizer command.
  • Now open /etc/webalizer.conf and set outputDir to /var/www/html/webalizer.

That’s all.Now run webalizer command and you can view your Stats page in your browser.