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Welcome back guys and a very good morning to you.Just watching the Rambo series and I must say that Sylvester Stallone is the most handsome action star I have ever seen. Basically you can say that I am writing this article during the interval. On my last post I told you that we are conducting a workshop on Linux in our college and it’s glad to see such an overwhelming response from the participants.Now enough discussion so let’s get back to our topic. Today we will see how we can transfer our virtual machines created in VMWare from one system to another.

If you have used VMWare to use various operating system as I do then you must know that for every virtual machine you create, there is .vmdk and .vmx file.These two are the most important files of a virtual machine in VMWare.The first file is like the hard disk of the virtual machine containing all the data and the second one is the configuration file of that virtual machine.The default location of these files are My Documents/Virtual Machines and the respective folder.The file we are going to use here is .vmdk file. All you need to transfer your virtual machine to another system is to copy this .vmdk file to your system.Once you have done it the actual process begins.There are quite a few steps to follow from here-

  • Start creating a new Virtual Machine and make sure you choose custom installation.

Transfer virtual machines created in VMWare to another system

  • Carry on the operation and when asked to Select a disk choose Use an existing virtual disk and select the path whre you have copied your .vmdk file earlier.

Transfer virtual machines created in VMWare to another system

Now just power on that virtual machine and it’s all you need to do.From here you have successfully transferred you virtual machineĀ  to another system.In case you have any problem regarding this leave a comment for me and mow please excuse me as Mr. Sylvester Stallone is waiting for me.


More Linux Tricks

Tomorrow will be a great day as me along with my two friends are conducting a week-long workshop on Linux for our juniors at our college. Yesterday we spent a lot of time in configuring the labs for training.That’s the reason I couldn’t write here for a few days.But here we go and this time I have brought a bunch of cool Linux tricks.

Show reboot history– issue last reboot command.

List USB details– issue lsusb command.

See you distribution name and version-issue head -n1 /etc/issue command.

Show processing of a command– Install strace package with yum install strace command. Now issue strace -c /bin/ls command to show the processing of ls command.

Force unmount when a drive is busyfuser -km /mnt/hda1 where /mnt/hda1 is the mount point for that drive.

Interactive file manager from command line– Install midnight commander by issuing yum install mc command.Now you can start by issuing mc command from the command line.

Run scripts before and after going to sleep mode-Place your scripts in /etc/pm/power.d to execute scripts after coming out of sleep mode and in /etc/pm/sleep.d to be executed before entering sleep mode.


Cool Laptop Security Tools

Nowadays laptops have become a crucial part of our life and I don’t think you can imagine a day without it. What to talk about a day without my laptop, one day without internet makes me frustrated.But have you ever thought about losing your laptop or getting your laptopĀ  stolen.I know it’s quite scary.Sometimes we have important data in our laptop which we don’t want to let it fall into someone’s hands who can misuse it.That’s our topic of discussion tonight and we’ll see two quite cool tools to counter this problem.

Lalarm Laptop Security Tools

The first tool is LAlarm which you can download from It has a number of features like Theft Alarm and in Data Destruction if laptop is stolen.For a complete list of feature offered by LAlarm visit



The next tool is LaptopLock which offers the similar functionality.You can get it from It has feature like secure data wiping,encrypt files,execute a program etc.

LaptopLock Laptop Security Tool

I would suggest you to give a look to these tools and ensure that you are well prepared for any unpleasant situation.