If you don’t know how to kill time then you must call me as I am an expert in this. Just watched 6 episodes of Sherlock Holmes Season and still wondering what to do next.So consider this post as an interval. So far you have got an idea that I am in a light mood and my today’s post just reflects it.In the few minutes we have we’ll create some great image effects within clicks.

While I was just wandering to and fro on the internet I just found a cool site befunky.com which is a great site for creating image effects on your photographs.All you need to do is to upload your image and select the effect you want to apply on that image.You can use this site for all kind of image related tasks like adding frames or text or performing basic image editing operations.

Here I have cartoonify a pic with my friends.Hey hey hey! Don’t try to recognize the faces as this is a bunch of crooks. Some are bloody smokers some bloody rapist and some are master of all these arts.So guys let’s come to the point and what I want to say is that you can visit this site in case you have an image to be edited or enhanced with great effects.
Create Cool PhotoEffects Within Click