Hello friends. On Windows you’ve seen option to revert your machine to its original state but there is a simple command in Linux that can do the same task.Today we’ll see it in action.

Yesterday I met sys-unconfig command on my RHEL machine and I decided to run this command on my machine. At that time I was not aware of what it would do.While this command was in mid of its action I was praying not to delete my hard disk contents.But it didn’t do so and now I exactly know what this command does.

According to the man page for this command it is used to restore a system’s configuration to an “as-manufactured” state, ready to be recon-
figured again.The system’s configuration consists of host-name, Network Information Service (NIS) domain name,timezone, IP address, IP subnet mask, and root password.

Once that command executed successfully I found that not only I have got a topic for my blog but I have also got ifcfg-eth0 back in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts folder.Actually this file was missing from my system but I got it back.So guys I have explored this command and now it’s your turn.