Good morning guys.Today we’ll discuss a topic I am not very fond of-finding out who has unfriend you on Facebook.Personally I would recommend not to read this article at all but still if you are interested in finding out whether your ex is still in your friend list or the fellow whom you slapped last night while you were high after 5 shots of tequila,then you may proceed further.

That’s not a tedious task as all you need to do is to visit On that page you’ll be instructed to install GreaseMonkey and when it’s properly installed the next step is to install the script available on the page.That’s all you need to do.

After the successful installation of the script you’ll see a Unfriends button on your Facebook page. From here you can view who has unfriended you as well as the pending requests.

This script is available for all the major browser so choose the one you use and install it.But I would like you to say fuck off to all those who don’t want you in their life and see forward but the choice is ultimately yours.