Nowadays laptops have become a crucial part of our life and I don’t think you can imagine a day without it. What to talk about a day without my laptop, one day without internet makes me frustrated.But have you ever thought about losing your laptop or getting your laptop  stolen.I know it’s quite scary.Sometimes we have important data in our laptop which we don’t want to let it fall into someone’s hands who can misuse it.That’s our topic of discussion tonight and we’ll see two quite cool tools to counter this problem.

Lalarm Laptop Security Tools

The first tool is LAlarm which you can download from It has a number of features like Theft Alarm and in Data Destruction if laptop is stolen.For a complete list of feature offered by LAlarm visit



The next tool is LaptopLock which offers the similar functionality.You can get it from It has feature like secure data wiping,encrypt files,execute a program etc.

LaptopLock Laptop Security Tool

I would suggest you to give a look to these tools and ensure that you are well prepared for any unpleasant situation.