A very good evening to all of you. Last time I told you that we are conducting a one week workshop on Linux in our college.So that program has been concluded successfully and now we guys are planning to conduct a one month summer training program on Linux Server Administration.That’s the reason I am not able to post articles as frequently as I used to do.Anyway let’s focus on today’s post which is about Backup.

Backup is an important task in System Administration and there are lots of tools available for it.If you are a command line lover, then tar,rsync and amanda would be your choice and if you are looking for an Enterprise level solution then tools like Bacula are perfect for you.But if you are looking for a simple solution for your backup related tasks then luckyBackup is a nice product for you.

You can download luckyBackup from http://linux.softpedia.com/progDownload/luckyBackup-Download-43516.html . Here you can download the appropriate version for your distro. As I am using a 32 bit RHEL6 I downloaded i386 rpm version of this software.Once you got it it’s just a one click installation or you can use rpm -ivh to install it.The choice is yours.

Once you get it installed you can access it from Applications-Accessories and choosing luckyBackup.Now you can start your backup related operations.You can schedule a backup or perform backup to a remote host.In short you can say that this tool fulfills all your backup related needs.So if you are looking for an easy to use backup solution for your Linux machine then this tool is worth  a look.

Easy Backup Automation In Linux

So you keep enjoying exploring this tool.In case you feel any problem do tell me. And now excuse me as IPL is waiting for me.