A very good after noon to you. As you know that these days we are discussing Linux troubleshooting and today we will deal with the Network-off problem. Do you remember my post about Trouble-Maker? If not then have a look at it.This tool contains various scripts which I am running to cause problem in my Linux machine and then I am learning to troubleshoot it. During this process I faced a problem of network connection after running a script. I was normally using my internet but after running that script I lost my connection.

Troubleshooting network off problem In RHEL

After checking Firefox setting and finding them right I switched to the network file of RHEL /etc/sysconfig/network and found that the problem was in this file as it contained NETWORKING=no line and this was causing the problem. Due to this line my system was unable to use networking and I lost my internet connection. Altering it to NETWORKING=yes fixed the problem.After writing this line all I need to do was to restart network service using service network restart command and it fixed the problem and I got my internet connection back.

Troubleshooting network off problem in RHEL

Troubleshooting is fun only if you know the problem exactly.Right!