Computer Forensic is the emerging concept in the field of Computer Security and Cyber Crimes.The techniques used and the objectives are just same as in the case of data recovery but in a broader context because it also includes the analysis of the data. It’s not a cakewalk but I am going to give a bit of feeling associated with Computer Forensic.

As we know that every trade has its own set of tools and techniques. So here we’ll need some sort of tools which will assist us in performing our task. So we start our journey by visiting and download the software callled OS Forensic which costs you nothing. Now when we have this tool in our arsenal then install it and let’s start playing with it.

Exploring Computer Forensic

This is the opening screen you’ll get on starting the program and on the left panel you’ll see various options which you can use in your forensic exploration. Some of its features are-

  • File Search
  • Recent Activities
  • Deleted File Search
  • Memory Viewer
  • Disk Viewer
  • Passwords including passwords stored in Browser
  • System Information (Check it)
  • Mount Drive Image

You can also install this software in a USB drive for complete portability. They also provide Hash Sets and Rainbow Tables in order to deal with Windows Passwords.

So this is an overview of this tool and my job ends here as I have shown you the way but it’s you who will have to complete the journey at your own. So just borrow an hour from your Facebook time and explore this tool. Also give a look at the site for some information on Hash Sets and Rainbow Tables they provide.

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