Good evening guys. Today I read somewhere over the internet that if you are not on Facebook or Twitter then you must be living in a cave and I realized that it’s true up-to a great extent. In the evening I read an interesting article in Digit magazine in my library and suddenly I found a new post for my blog. This is about Six Degrees Separation theory which is related to Social Networking.

This is a very interesting theory stating that anyone can send a message to any other person across the globe  in just “six degrees of separation” by passing it from friend to friend. Means you send a message to your friend and he passes it to another person and finally it reaches to the desired person after six such cycles. It sounds a bit crazy but now Yahoo has started testing this theory.

Yahoo’s Small World Experiment is dedicated to test this theory and anyone with a Facebook account can participate in this experiment. Here you connect to this test through your Facebook account and you are asked to send a message to a selected target. Then you pass the message to a friend and this chain goes on. After six cycles the message should reach to the target. So guys have a look at this project and participate and I am sure you’ll have great time.