Again this post is related to one of my previous post on this blog and this time we’ll install WaveMaker on our Linux machine.If you don’t have any idea about WaveMaker read my previous post about WaveMaker.So let’s move towards continuing the adventure on a Linux Machine.

On my previous post about installing StencylWorks On Linux I mentioned that java1.6 is required for that tool and same is true for WaveMaker. So make sure you have correct version of java installed before proceeding further.

It’s time to download the required package file for WaveMaker which you can get from its download link.After you have downloaded rpm file it’s just a matter of seconds before you can start working on WaveMaker.Install it either by double clicking the rpm file or issue rpm command from terminal and it will be installed.
Installing Wavemaker On Linux

Now it’s time to have fun with WaveMaker. So start it with issuing following commands from the terminal-

cd ..

cd opt

cd wavemaker-6.4.4GA

cd bin
Finally Enter
 ./ start
and it’s done.Now you can start creating your first Web Application.