If you will ask Wikipedia about SandBox it will say that it  is a testing environment that isolates untested changes and outright experimentation from the production environment or repository. You will need to read this definition a bit carefully otherwise you won’t understand it.

All right let’s discuss this term in the context of this article. Here sandboxing an application means that we won’t allow it to make changes to other programs or data in the hard disk of your system. Now after the theoretical introduction let’s do some practical work and download a cool sandboxing application called Sandboxie from this download link. Now you can run any application in sandbox mode by right clicking on it and selecting Run Sandboxed from the context menu.

Running Application In A SandboxNow the question arises-why we may need to run an application in Sandbox mode. Being a security passionate guy I use this application to test various applications and code so that they can’t do any unexpected damage to my data. You can also run your browser in sandbox mode to stay safe from any kind of virus or other malicious code affecting your system.

So don’t wait any more and give this application a look as it deserves it. Install it and run any application you find untrusted here to ensure that it won’t affect your system in the wrong way.Enjoy!