A very good evening all. As India is about to lose the ODI match against Australia so it is better to spend few minutes writing this post rather that watching the already lost game. So guys today we’ll talk about creating Flash games. I learned working on Flash during my 4th semester of my college and apart of Linux and Joomla that’s the third area I have some kind of knowledge. So let’s have a look together.

Creating a Flash game requires sound knowledge of ActionScript3 the programming language of Flash–that’s what I thought initially until I found a great tool called StencylWorks.So guys just don’t ask any question right now and download it from here.And after this just don’t wait for further instructions from me and install it.

Flash Game Creation Tool-StencylWorks

What’s so good about this tool is that you don’t need to write a single line of code if you don’t want to. All you need is to drag blocks of code and drop it as you can see in the screen-shot below-

Flash Game Creation Tool-Stencylworks

On their site they have a nice bunch of tutorials about how to get most of this tool and I have just completed their interactive tutorial series and it’s really awesome. So guys if you some spare time then just give it a try and you’ll definitely enjoy it.